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Does Barnes And Noble Take Apple Pay?

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Apple Inc. stands as a prominent global consumer brand, boasting a dynamic ecosystem that brings delight to users worldwide. From 2014 onward, Apple has been crafting its unique payment system known as Apple Pay, streamlining transactions for iOS users.

While it’s gained significant traction and acceptance within the industry, there’s still ample room for growth ahead. This raises a fundamental question: Does Barnes and Noble take Apple Pay? No, Barnes and Noble has discontinued support for Apple Pay, phasing out the option to pay via phone. However, they have embraced various mobile wallet choices since April 24th.

The following article dives deep into your inquiries, furnishing the most accurate insights to the best of our knowledge.

How To Use Apple Pay At Barnes And Noble

Step 1: Gather the items you want to buy and head to the checkout counter.

Step 2: Take out your Apple device and use Face ID or Touch ID to verify yourself.

Step 3: Choose the card you would like to use for payment when prompted at the checkout.

Step 4: Look for the contactless reader at Barnes and Noble, which will automatically process your purchase.

Do Barnes and Noble Take Apple Pay On Website?

Guess what? Barnes and Noble’s website does not work with Apple Pay right now. This famous bookstore is not set up for some types of phone payments when you buy stuff online.


So, if you were planning on using your Apple Pay app or account to buy things on the Barnes and Noble website, it would not work.

We tried it ourselves – going through the whole process of ordering something on their site. And guess what? Apple Pay was not one of the choices for paying.

But do not worry, there are other ways you can pay for your orders on their website. 

Do Barnes And Noble Take Google Pay?

Regrettably, Barnes And Noble does not currently accept Google Pay as a payment method. This means you cannot use Google Pay to pay for your orders at Barnes And Noble.

Google Pay is a widely used online payment platform designed exclusively for Android users. It is known for its robust security features that ensure safe online shopping.

It’s a bit puzzling that a company like Barnes And Noble is not embracing Google Pay. However, there are strong indications that this might change soon.

Barnes And Noble seems to prefer customers using credit or debit cards rather than mobile payment platforms like Google Pay.

We are still not sure why they are making this choice, which can be concerning, especially considering the benefits they could gain from accepting Google Pay payments.

Wrapping Up!

The world of digital transactions has evolved significantly with the advent of Apple Pay, Apple’s innovative payment system.

While Barnes and Noble, a renowned bookseller, no longer supports Apple Pay for in-store purchases, they have embraced a range of mobile wallet alternatives to enhance customer convenience since April 24th.

Unfortunately, Barnes and Noble’s website does not currently accommodate Apple Pay, limiting its use for online shopping.

In the realm of online payments, Google Pay, a popular platform known for its robust security features, is not yet accepted by Barnes and Noble.

This decision may raise questions about the bookseller’s strategy, as Google Pay offers secure and seamless online transactions.

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