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Kohls Return Policy

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Have you ever bought something and later had second thoughts? Do not worry; Kohl’s has your back with a super flexible return policy. You can breathe easy knowing you’re not stuck with your purchase.

<strong>Kohl's Return Policy</strong>
Kohl’s lets you return almost anything you buy in-store or online for up to 180 days, even if you have lost your receipt.

If someone gave you a gift from Kohl’s, you can swap it or get store credit with a gift receipt. So, go ahead and shop with confidence. Kohl’s makes returns very easy!

Can We Return Our Items Online or By Visiting The Store

You can return your items to any nearest Kohl’s shop available by checking online. It’s worth noticing that if the purchase is made in-store, the return will only be possible by visiting Kohl’s headquarters or a local Kohl’s store.

Whereas, if the purchase is made online on, you can return them via mail or by taking them to stores.For GIFTED items, 

A Kohl’s merchandise credit will be received upon the return of items with gift receipts plus even exchange will be done.

What Items Cannot Be Returned?

Premium electronics and watches cannot be returned after 30 days from their original purchase date.

Gift cards for beauty products (overused) cannot be returned. However, items purchased by gift cards can be returned, and beauty products that are brand new or very gently used can also be returned. 

Moreover, I asked a question about worn or washed items in a live chat from Kohl’s, and interestingly, they said  YES; you can return items that have been worn or washed without being questioned.

Does Kohl’s Accept Returns Without a Receipt


No need for a receipt to return stuff at Kohl’s. The store can use your credit card or Kohl’s account to find your purchase.

  • Use your card or account for returns. It’s simple.
  • Each item has a unique number, called a SKU. It helps with returns.
  • If you paid with cash, this number proves you bought the item.
  • But remember, the money you get back will be the item’s current sale price.

If you have lost your receipt. Kohl’s has ways to help you return your items quickly.

Returning Items to Kohl’s: No Box, No Problem?

Are you wondering about Kohl’s return policy? Worry not! You have got a whopping 180 days to return most items. Did you forget the receipt? No Problem. They can track your buy through your account.

But listen! Premium Electronics are the princesses of the store. You have only 30 days to return them, and they demand their original, untarnished boxes and receipts. No compromises there!

Did that trendy shirt shrink after a wash? Fear not. Kohl’s will take it back within the 180-day window, tags or no tags, receipt or receipt. This is another reason to check Kohl’s store hours and go shopping—or return.

Employment at Kohl’s

You can secure employment at Kohl’s as a cashier or sales associate starting at the minimum age of 17. The position is hourly and can be challenging due to customer interactions. So, what age does Kohl’s hire? They start at 17 years old.

Amazon and Kohl’s

Kohl’s works with Amazon to accept and return goods to customers. So it is believed that Amazon has progressively increased the level of Kohl’s business by providing over  2 million customers.


So I must say that it’s definitely worth checking out! 

As they have a wide variety of clothing and goods for men, women, and kids, anyone can go there and shop, with the great benefits of returning and exchanging, is a hassle-free and customer-friendly policy. 

Its wide range of networks and stores provides easy access to all the people at any place in the nation, so anyone can get there as well as simply go through it online. 

Thus making it preferable for the customers to shop.

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